Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Commission | Poster (animanga style)

I do draw for moneyh ~~~ >.< You can commission me to draw something for you . From as low as USD 3 (not including shipping), you can decide what commission do you want ,(refer below) . The price might be vary , depending on how difficult the drawing to be done . ^O^

The System :-
* I only accept payment in USD only . :)
*You need to pay a deposit first . Let's say , if the cost a drawing is USD 4 , you need to pay to me USD 2 first
*When I'm finish , I'll give you an email , or , it is more easier if you have a deviantart account . I'll give you a link to the finished piece , with a very big watermark . I'll wait for your reply . You have to pay me the balance of the drawing cost .
*Payment can only be made through Paypal only .
*After I received the payment , I'll give you the link to the image(big one) , (without any watermark) and you can also ask for the original (i'll sent it by mail) . (But you must pay for the shipping cost)
*Shipping cost is vary depends on how far your place from mine . :P (I live in Malaysia)
*I'll not draw hentai , yuri , yaoi , eechi , mecha , animal (except butterfly and birds ) , anthro , or armour .

.: Sketch Commission :. - USD 3

.: Single Character in full color with simple background Commission :. -USD 4


.: A single character with full color and background :. USD 5


.: A group of character with full color and background :. USD 7


That's all for now ~ I need to complete my commission .... T^T If you want to ask me a question regarding this , kindly send an email to me at "" . I'll reply ASAP . ^O^ Arigatou minna ! 

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